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Stephanie Fiallo is an outstanding Relationship Coach and a Marriage Officiant authorized to perform legal wedding ceremonies in the Unites States. She is also a leading speaker and author. Through her seminars, printed articles, and appearances on radio and television, Stephanie has become a leading voice in the field of relationships and communication. She is considered an outstanding coach and an expert in the areas of practical love and sexuality. By applying the principles that she teaches, Stephanie was able to find her own soul mate and create an extraordinary life for herself.
Stephanie Fiallo was featured in Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine as one of the top female leaders that are helping change the world and she was also a winner of the “U.S. Women Rule!” national contest, sponsored by The White House Project. She appeared on the TLC Television Network as a marriage officiant for the popular show Four Weddings where she performed the ceremony for one of the participants.
She has since then, been honored to perform ceremonies for over fifty couples across the Unites States. Her training also creates opportunities for transformation and advancement in other areas such as the business field. She has become a leading voice through her seminars, articles, and radio as well as television appearances; so much so, that she has successfully managed to lead mastermind groups focused on the growth of entrepreneurs in NYC.

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About us
Stephanie Fiallo has designed a system to help you reach your goals. If you are single, boyfriend or married, she will help you create extraordinary relationships and transform your life.
Stephanie offers the following fabulous options:

  •   Webinar 
  •  Relationship Evaluation with Stephanie Fiallo
  •  Reality Check with Stephanie Fiallo
  •  Inner Group for Women Only 
  •  Ultimate Creation 
  •  VIP Ultimate Creation and Bliss 
  •  VIP Mastery Coaching Program 

Training on Successful relationships 
( 7 steps for a happy and passionate relationship )

Relationship Evaluation with Stephanie Fiallo  
(One call, 60 minutes) 
Reality Check with Stephanie Fiallo
(Online interview follow by one on one session one call, 90 minutes)
Inner Group for Women Only  
(Group Coaching Program three months
Ultimate Creation
(One to One Relationship Coaching Program
Three months)
 VIP Ultimate Creation and Bliss 
(One to One Accelerated Relationship Coaching Program
Three months)
VIP Mastery Coaching Program 
(One to One Coaching Program
(six month program)

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Karen Hoyos 
Worldwide speaker
Edward Rodriguez
Transformacional Coach and Author
Dunia Rojas
Singer, Writer and Composer
¿Are you thinking about marrying your soul mate?
Stephanie Fiallo is a Justice of Peace authorized to perform legal and spiritual wedding ceremonies in the US. She has great ceremony and training packages for you and your significant other to choose from:
 *Professional Wedding Ceremony
 *VIP Glamour Wedding Ceremony
 *VIP Infinite Bliss Wedding Experience

Professional Wedding Ceremony
Personalized Service by Stephanie Fiallo
VIP Glamour Wedding Ceremony
Personalized service by Stephanie Fiallo
VIP Infinite Bliss Wedding Experience  

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You can win a vip ceremony valued up to $1000!!
You can win a group vip coaching for you and your friends valued up to $3000!
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¿Do you want to attract love into your life?
How to go from having a mediocre relationship to having an extraordinary one

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